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He is not much of a cuddler in fact the only person he cuddles with for extended periods is my nephew with special needs it is amazingly sweet and wonderful for both of them. But yet he is extremely loyal and always wants to be near me. I really can't express in words how wonderful this animal is and the joy he has brought to me and my family!""My husband and I purchased our puppy boy blue last June from the Megan/Mac litter that were born on April 12th. We live in Old Town, Alexandria, Virginia. We cannot imagine our lives without Finnegan!He is so sweet. He loves playing with other dogs, playing fetch, playing tug of war, and gathering sticks.

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The event raised $30,000 including in kind donations and attracted 300 participants.

Finnegan is quite a celebrity in town.

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F1B Golden doodle also known as the Mini Goldendoodle X Toy Poodle comes with 15 to 20 Lbs as weight.

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